Meet Ms Chance


Krystle, a Toronto-based musical powerhouse, epitomizes artistry through her diverse roles in stage, screen, collaboration, and direction. With a seasoned background, she infuses each production with her unparalleled experience. Her natural stage magnetism solidifies her passion for music, showcased in iconic roles like “We Will Rock You” tour’s Killer Queen, “Obeah Opera’s” Mary, “The Wizard of Oz’s” Lion, “Newsies'” Medda Larkin, “Dreamgirls'” Effie White, and “Da Kink in My Hair’s” Sharmain. She mentors emerging stage talents, further highlighting her influence.

Krystle’s musical journey began at the Ontario Conservatory during childhood, evolving over two decades across genres. Her devotion to music reflects in her multifaceted roles.

An adept music educator, Krystle directs the Vocal Program at The Conservatory of Music Arts. With a decade-plus history, she crafted programs for revered Toronto arts entities: Art Starts, Arts for Children and Youth, Vibe Arts, Urban Rez Solutions, The International Conservatory of Music and the Arts. Her inventive music education initiatives were captured by the National Film Board, featured in the acclaimed Hot Docs Festival and “Unarmed Verses” documentary.

As Creative Director of Vocalfy, she reshapes music education for singers of all levels. Her recent role as mini pop Kids’ vocal coach enriches her industry prowess.

Krystle fuses her music passion with business acumen, an evolving multi-talent. From writing, producing, managing, directing, and coaching, to acting, she continually ascends. Music is Krystle’s life essence, transcending skill. Her relentless pursuit of success propels her to explore novel musical avenues.

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